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Burnonville opens the doors of its showroom!

Come visit the Burnonville’s showroom where you’ll meet our team and discover our permanent assortments as well as our new collections. You will have the opportunity to get an overview of our seasonal selections for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Worldcup 2018. And the new range in  multimedia, travel accessories and smoking accessories are displayed as well.

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Did you know that?

More than 65% of our sales in "hygiene" are made by glasses: reading glasses and sunglasses. We sell nearly 40,000 pairs each year to our clients.

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Multimedia, an asset for impulse sales

For most of your customers, mobile phones now serve for everything ... except calling. In 2016, it has been estimated that a quarter of mobile phone holders never use it to call. This trend is accentuated among the youngest and up to 39 years old. To communicate, they use mobile data.

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Strong licenses for a shiny summer

This summer, the calendar is full of license! A lot of blockbusters like Minons, Cars, Emojis… are planned during July and August. “Despicable Me 3” will be launched on July 5 in theaters. In 2015, “Minions” was the biggest license of the summer. All manufacturers were out of stock due to this unexpected success and unable to satisfy all orders. The goodies related to the film have been snapped up like hotcakes by customers. Burnonville sold nearly 10,000 plushes and 12,000 Minions candy toys. Take advantage of this success for your point of sales.

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E-cigarette, what's new?

This Tuesday January 17th the new legislation regarding the electronic cigarette takes effect. The e-cigarette is now subject to new restrictions similar to those imposed on traditional cigarettes. The law foresees a series of constraints, particularly regarding packaging and consumer information.

The packets of e-liquids containing nicotine should include a warning message about the dangers and dependence on this substance. The bottles cannot exceed 10 ml and the level of nicotine is limited at 20 mg / ml.

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Long live the lovebirds!

February 14 is the day of Loooove. At this special occasion many lovebirds exchange sweet little words and gifts as proof of their affection. Nowadays, Valentine's Day has become a commercial event which can generate extra sales. Burnonville has therefore made a selection of cuddly toys, keychains, picture frames, lighters and other trendy gifts at mini prices! Select trendy items for customers from all ages and discover all special sales on

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Number 2 soon in your crates!

The new Burnonville flyer is ready and will be distributed saturday in your press crates. You will find all the new arrivals and many valuable promotions from mid-November to mid-December.

Be tempted by our actions, up to more than 50% discount. Benefit from our promotions for smoking accessories, impulse products, stationery and a selection of articles for children at unbeatable conditions.

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Be ready for Christmas

Ho ho ho, the end of the year is approaching. After Halloween, it's now time to redecorate your point of sale to ensure good sales. The impulse products from Burnonville will help you bring the magical spirit of Christmas into your store.

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Thank you for your visits

The open days of Burnonville are over! For 3 weeks our teams met customers, from the smallest to the largest. They were able to discover the new collections, as well as the new facilities which allow for a delivery within 24 hours.

During these open days, independent customers could place their order right away. Some of them even left with the goods! As for the chain stores, they had the opportunity to update their catalog with the newest products.

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Burnonville in Wonderland

Burnonville recently participated to the LS Travel Retail kick-off event in Londerzeel. The NEP studio was transformed following the « LS in Wonderland » theme. This yearly event is the opportunity for the network of more than 220 Press Shop and Relay entrepreneurs to gather and meet suppliers in a cozy setting. It is also the occasion to present figures and expectations for 2017.

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About Burnonville

Specialist in “convenience” products, Burnonville offers a wide range of non-food items. From smoking accessories to cuddly toys, we supply a basic range as well as high profit margin products designed for impulse buys. With only one goal: simplify your daily life with a responsive, tailor-made service!


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