Burnonville opens the doors of its showroom!

Come visit the Burnonville’s showroom where you’ll meet our team and discover our permanent assortments as well as our new collections. You will have the opportunity to get an overview of our seasonal selections for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Worldcup 2018. And the new range in  multimedia, travel accessories and smoking accessories are displayed as well.

You’re welcome from Friday, September 22th to Monday, October 9th with great offers for any order taken during your visit. The showroom will only be accessible by appointment. Except during our permanence from Saturday 23 to Tuesday, September 26th. To make an appointment send an mail to info@burnonville-distribution.com. You can also call one of commercials. For South Belgium & Luxemburg, Silvio Corio at 0498/58.05.29. For North Belgium, Francis Michils at 0491/34.81.28.


Our showroom will be opened without appointment from Saturday 23 to Tuesday, September 26th.

Free only during week-end ?

Meet then our team between 10 am and 18 pm on Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th.

Not easy for you during daytime ? Come and visit us during one of our 2 nocturnes !

Our sales team will wait for you between 10 am and 21 pm on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th

Showroom adress:
Burnonville / Building karioo!
Hof te Bollebeeklaan 321
1730 Mollem

About Burnonville

Specialist in “convenience” products, Burnonville offers a wide range of non-food items. From smoking accessories to cuddly toys, we supply a basic range as well as high profit margin products designed for impulse buys. With only one goal: simplify your daily life with a responsive, tailor-made service!


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