E-cigarette, what's new?

This Tuesday January 17th the new legislation regarding the electronic cigarette takes effect. The e-cigarette is now subject to new restrictions similar to those imposed on traditional cigarettes. The law foresees a series of constraints, particularly regarding packaging and consumer information.

The packets of e-liquids containing nicotine should include a warning message about the dangers and dependence on this substance. The bottles cannot exceed 10 ml and the level of nicotine is limited at 20 mg / ml.

This also involves some changes for resellers of these products who must adapt to these changes as from Wednesday January 18th. Point-of-sale advertising and online sale of these products are now prohibited. Customers have no longer the right to test the products in store before buying them. Finally, the sale of this range is forbidden to clients under 16 years of age.

Burnonville has anticipated this regulation as e-liquids available on distriweb.be already comply with these regulations and can be sold in your store. All packaging of our e-liquids including nicotine are provided with the legal warning message and present a container of 10ml. As far as nicotine levels are concerned, we provide a varied range ranging from 0mg to max. 18mg.

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