Strong licenses for a shiny summer

This summer, the calendar is full of license! A lot of blockbusters like Minons, Cars, Emojis… are planned during July and August. “Despicable Me 3” will be launched on July 5 in theaters. In 2015, “Minions” was the biggest license of the summer. All manufacturers were out of stock due to this unexpected success and unable to satisfy all orders. The goodies related to the film have been snapped up like hotcakes by customers. Burnonville sold nearly 10,000 plushes and 12,000 Minions candy toys. Take advantage of this success for your point of sales.

Pixar and Disney are launching the third opus of Cars as from July 26. The franchise immediately imposed itself in the sales of goodies. For many years, Cars was the first boy license in the world of merchandising. Six years after the release of the 2nd movie, Flash McQueen is back as the favorite hero of the little ones.

On August 9, the Emojis will invade the theaters for the first time. Easy to use and simplifying communication, Emojis have turned into one of the most powerful vehicles of social bonding. The advantage of this language is the reach of younger but not only! Since last summer, the sale of these products is constantly increasing at Burnonville. We began with 7 references and have now a complete assortment of 24 permanent items from plushes to keychains and candies.

Burnonville is ready and offers you many products for each of these franchises. Visit our online catalog to find what you need to satisfy your customers.

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